Charles Manson “Critique of Meat-eating”

Every morning you eat

that meat with your teeth.

You’re all killers,

you kill things

better than you.

And what can I say to you

that you don’t already know?

And I have known

that there is nothing

I can say to you.

There is nothing

I can say to any of you.

It is you

that has to say it to you,

and that is my whole philosophy;

you say it to you

and I will say it to me.

from “The One Way of Charles Manson”



  1. Was this before or after Charlie was scarfing cheeseburgers while locked up in Independance?

  2. If the C.O.s starved ME for a whole week, I think I’d be scarfing cheeseburgers out of the garbage. He’s strong, but every man has a breaking point.

  3. He ate better while locked up than he did at his “garbage dump.”

  4. Charles did not live or eat out of a “garbage” dump. His circle did engage in dumpstering which is a major fad today with punk/alternative youth (he was a man ahead of his time). Just because someone throws something away does not mean its “garbage.” The commune also bought stables such as flour, rice, pasta, etc. When the circle got busted in late 1969 the police seized over 500 dollars (1969 dollars) worth of fresh grocies which had just been delivered.

  5. The reference is Manson’s own. He wrote the song “Garbage Dump.”

  6. Poetic license….

  7. Kind of like “If you’re willing to be killed, you should be willing to kill?”

  8. There isn’t/wasn’t a whole lot that was poetic about Charlie!

  9. I beg to differ. He can cannot be truly understood, except as a poet.

  10. You’re right about not being able to understand him!
    Dylan is a poet! Leonard Cohen is a poet! Ginsberg was a poet!
    Manson is a goddam wingnut!

    “I am a mechanical boy, I am my mother’s toy” doesn’t really rank up there with “Howl.”

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