A Recent Statement by Charles Manson on his Doctrine of ATWA

If I told you the truth
and you did something about it
would I be sent to prison
for being your leader
and blamed for the problems of the world?
Seems to me
that’s a lot like
what I have been in prison for 40 years this time.

If I told you
if you let them cut the trees
and you do not do nothing about it.
they will come back
and cut some more
and more
until you have sold the air
and the water
and wildlife to your end.
Peace and love is wonderful
and fear hides hind live
and it is not easy to understand
the difference between fear and love.
A dilemma to say the least.

Again I say if you let them get away
with a little bit
it will be greater later.
You best check yourself.
There is no head or will above.
Money is your God

june 2008

(sent to a California newspaper and published June 25, 2008)



  1. Which paper was this in? He sent one to the “Ancerson Valley Advertiser”, but that was later.

  2. The paper was the Anderson Valley Advertiser and I checked the date from the site I copied from and its dated June 25th. Maybe there is two letters

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