Old Pro Charles Manson article that is still relevant with the 40th anniversary of 1969 approaching

Manson’s Supporters and the Media

by Saint George

As August 1999 rapidly approaches, the entertainment/news industry is running full steam ahead, already jumping the gun (three month early, in the big-money ratings “sweeps month” of May) with “30th Anniversary” specials on the Tate-Labianca murders.

Noticeably absent from any of these presentations to date have been any of the individuals connected with Access Manson (defunct website). And the question has arisen, “Where are Manson’s supporters? Why aren’t they talking to the media?”

In the thirty years since this case first began making headlines, the entertainment/news media has never presented a balanced examination or appraisal of the facts surrounding it, this despite all assurances to the contrary whenever they have contacted any one of Manson’s friends for assistance in the production of their endless series of phony-baloney horror shows. Thirty years is long enough for us to be lied to by the media. (Isn’t it long enough for you?)

The advent of the Internet (and other advances in communications technology) has rendered the television media obsolete. It is no longer the only game in town. In fact, it is not any game in our town. We do not watch much television, and we would hope you don’t either. Television is a medium in rapid intellectual decline, even from its current lofty heights. Very soon it will become simply the final sop for the idiot hordes, a refuge for people whose intelligence only permits them to turn on a set and change the channels. Such people are of no use to us, and we are not interested in them.

The two issues raised by this web site, and by these supporters of Charles Manson, are:

1. Charles Manson is not guilty of the crimes for which he was convicted. He could have proved this in court if he had not been illegally denied his constitutional right to act as his own attorney. He should, therefore, have all of his convictions overturned and be granted a new trial wherein he can present his own defense.

2. All life on this planet (what we call ATWA ā€“ Air, Trees, Water, Animals), including the precious humans, will be dead within a few generations if man doesn’t radically change his outlook on his real position on this earth, and his way of doing things, RIGHT NOW.

These are serious issues which we will only address in serious ways in serious venues. We will not present them in forums which, by their nature, demean or trivialize them. We will not be used for television ratings points. We will not be presented on the same level as dysfunctional idiots and entertaining freaks. We will not debate with, or entertain, people who (in my humble and personal First Amendment opinion) should be hanged en masse, and sloppily at that. Let the entertainment/news industry conjure up and present all the phony “Manson Family members” they can find. That is not us.

We are not going to participate in the media’s “30th Anniversary” celebration of the murders. While it is true that we do not have sympathy for the victims of those murders, we still would not unnecessarily exploit their deaths or aggravate the justified grief of the people who do have reasons to have sympathy for them. We will let others capitalize on the dead by showing their butchered bodies on television and printing pictures of them in books. That is not us either.
So, to answer the original question of where Manson’s supporters are, I say: We are right here. And we are in every place in this country and all around the world. Why aren’t we talking to the media? Because the media is dead, and we won’t waste our time talking to them. Our time is being better spent on projects where we have complete control over what’s going to happen. When it happens (and believe me, it’s going to happen), it’s going to happen our way.


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  1. Now I’m not allowed to say anything?
    So be it!

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