Check out the newly opened Charles Manson Speaks Site!



  1. Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for all your work in posting all of this info.

    Many things I had not heard before. Very thought provoking

  2. Thanks to Thelma 🙂 I learned most of it from hr, too. I lmost bought into BUG-liosi’s fairy tale until I started readin other more accurate books on the subject recommended by Thelma. Plus, she knows more than anyone else I’ve ever known about this “real truth” shit regarding this crime. She doesn’t string you along for six to 10 years like these other sites and blogs tend to do.

  3. Hi, Jane

    Which books do you/Dianne recommend as ‘more accurate’? And, tougher question, how do you know they are more accurate?

    I’d be interested to hear


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