Comments on the ATWA Concept (2000)

How can the social system be improved? It’s a crime to smoke marijuana, a plant, but poisoning millions of people through toxic wastes is business as usual. How much will you give for the lives of your children’s children, which is your self? How much are people willing to give up for air, earth, water, animals, and the coming generations? I think the answer to that is pretty clear.

Almost everything you eat or drink has water in it. No matter where it’s from, most of it’s polluted. Most of it’s got a lot of chemicals that we have to stop producing, It’s a simple thing. We don’t transfer it. We don’t move the poisons somewhere else. We stop producing them. We use our brains.

I want clean water. I want water I could take a newborn baby down to and… you’re not interested in air and water and you’re gonna need it! And as it disappears from the earth, if you don’t do anything about it… if you do not participate in doing whatever you can to protect your mother, your nurturer that keeps you alive, you don’t get life.

Rattlesnakes eat the animals that reproduce in quantity. They all have a purpose, so we need them. Since we don’t know or understand the overall purpose of so many animals, it’s to our advantage to let them enlighten us. Snakes serve to keep people from being unaware oafs (ln the wild). If not for the need to look out for dangers around us we’d all be blundering plundering pigs. If animals didn’t have a survival instinct, many more would be food to a few who’d get fat, flounder and die. End of story. Finito. No more life. Women holler and bitch to the contrary but we all live in a matriarchy and have for many many years. Women’s needs have been the reason for work, war, religion and death. When in balance with the needs of the soul or patriarch (father, God, spirit, universe) this works well because the women’s role has always been to make sure the young survive. When out of balance it destroys life.

Lynette Fromme

Open Letter from Lynette Fromme

He has been requesting a tape recorder since he was first incarcerated in 1969. That is the only way that any of us can get a clear picture of MANSON and what he has to say. His sight and awareness is and has always been far ahead of mass consciousness, and for this he, like many KNOWN historical geniuses, is forced to suffer for what others do not understand. He broke NO LAW! Imagine how it feels to be living under all the people who are free to walk, swim, and fly the space, but do not know how to keep it free, clean and in balance. Let me put that another way. Say you have been sitting for thirty years thinking through a problem—not necessarily straining, but concentrating diligently on not what you want or hope for, but what IS.

Say that you have come to understand the problem in depth and have, in effect, become it, and know how solve the problem. Now you watch the parades and processions of hopeful and despairing people walking outside your tomb. They are all looking for the answer to the problem you know so well. They are all celebrating the search, or mourning the problem, analyzing or disguising it. You wave but they don’t look to see you, even as they proceed by to their own funerals. When you have exhausted yourself yelling, and felt the deaths of millions for not having heard, and watched those who think they are too good to look at you, push their own children in the graves before them, and watched the children grow angrier, the land more destroyed, the air and water more poisoned, the men, women, politicians and gurus vying for positions of power over something rather than the God-given grace to love and care for what supports life—and much more sight than I could ever write on paper—then you see what Charles Manson sees, alone. Everyone in this family put our life’s faith there.

The balance of the Christian mind is different than that of the Hindu.

You say that you are impressed that I am articulate. Every one in this family is articulate, and exceptionally bright. Reports to the contrary are part of a people’s need to look down on something and someone, be it a criminal, a different class or race of people, or a simple child. It is also a result of the standard of sophistication measured by one’s ambition and finesse for acquiring money. The murders themselves were mean and purposeful. They were respondent. They needed not be sensationalized. But rather than listening to the defendants themselves, lies, distortion, perversion and other of the public’s own cravings were substituted for the truth. At that time they were forced to accept attorneys as if they were forced to wear disguises. They were forced to remain silent while a parade of charaders marched around the courtroom talking about things they little understood—The Bible, sex orgies, Christ and the Devil, LSD, E.S.P., the “Manson Family” and the murders themselves. The Supreme Court later handed down a decision interpreting the U.S. Constitution as giving defendants the undeniable right to represent themselves in court as long as they conduct themselves within a reasonable accordance of court procedure.

When I say they were “forced”, I mean that they were required, and under that requirement in a situation determining the balance of their lives and the lives of many others, there was a tremendous amount of pressure. I do not appreciate crying injustices and dramatizing much of what the soft American public consider to be hardships. At the same time, I can empathize.

While sympathy toward a problem can often make weakness, empathy can call up strength. The public here could not even face their own children, let alone empathize with them. They did not even ask to understand the young people in the so-called “Manson Family” who they were sending to the gas chamber. Rather, they blamed one man who was not even raised in the society which fostered those killings.

I walked out of my trial; Sandra Good and Susan Murphy walked out of their trial; we did not put on our defenses because until all the family gets a chance to explain, none of us will. As a family, we can see a new money system where the money can work like a god for the people rather than people working like dogs for the money and not receiving the balance of healthful, experience-full life that the money exchange is supposed to buy.

Until then, this country runs itself to the ground from what it refuses to face; just as you, yourself, can see no solution to WORLD problems and can see no one who does see. When Nixon points a gun at Ford, someone may see that Manson’s mind is miles over the U.N. and Rome, and that the United States Government has been sold nine times already.

I could take more time with this letter to be academic but that is not my concern. From what I have seen, most journalists would sell their own Lord’s or child’s heartbeat rather than come down to the love and soul in themselves, rather than getting on your knees to another of your own mankind, rather than conceding that you don’t really know the connection between life and Death and why people are intent in moving toward self- destruction in their air, water, land, food and thoughts. It is by no means only journalists and media people who demonstrate this, and I am not condemning you. Everyone has done that for themselves.

new pictures of Charles Mansonfrom A.C. Aldag’s recent visit

Charles Manson’s Basic Philosophy as given at this 1986 Parole Hearing

1986 hearing

The children of the l960s that you call the “Manson Family” wanted to stop a war and turn the government and world to peace. They gave their lives when they took lives and they knew it. They gave all to clean up ATWA air, trees, water, animals, the whole of the life of Earth, in love and concern for brothers and sisters in soul. They gave to get their brothers and sisters out of cages and to touch some intelligence upon the Earth. By living next to the land, we did see the drought and famine coming. For my part, I was complete and willing to take responsibility for any influence I had over THE mind of all, but your courts ran for the money and away from their own fears, guilts, and responsibilities. They didn’t want to confront the truth about themselves. Your government invented the Watergate coverup but never did say what they were really covering up a Holy War invoked from the soul. When Manson, aka Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, the Buddha, was condemned by the press and THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA VS. MANSON, you condemned yourselves. You condemned yourselves in the so-called Manson Family, putting the son of God on the prison cross again. I broke no law, not God’s nor Man’s law. God knows this; the Holy Spirit knows; and anyone in the truth knows. What you are buying and selling in God’s name you will suffer. With your own judgments convicting yourselves of being Satan, the anti-Christ, you stand your world on fire. I am Abraxas, the son of God, the son of Darkness, and I stand behind ALL the courts of the world. Until I get my rights, no one has rights. I’m God’s messenger from and in the truth, brother and son to all men. (666 your computers will print the same read-out to your book brains.) Until I get the same rights my fathers had, I will stand in Nixon’s place, convicted as the false prophet, as fire burns and the children starve and the land dies along with the air, as the wildlife becomes poisoned and the trees are being cut so fast that wildlife will not survive NOT WITHOUT WORLD CHANGE. I did I say “did” invoke a balance for life on Earth. From be- hind the time locks of courtrooms and from the worlds of darkness, I did let loose devils and demons with the power of scorpions to torment. I did unseal seven seals and seven jars in accord with the judgments placed upon me, upon my circle. All who had no forgiveness will have no heart, and did set loose upon the earth destruction in the balance of their own judgments. These are the people who gave their own children no chance for survival. These are the people locked in death wishes which they project into the minds of the children. To the faithful I say this, so that understanding can be touched and because I know you have been misled: I did live among you in the will of all, in and out of prison for over twenty years before I was put on trial in 1969. From the 1940s I lived a lifetime in and on your prison cross, kept in your punishments to be your goat, your blame, all your bad, long before your children of the ’60s picked me up and my will from the leftover garbage of past wars you waged upon your young. I am a child of the ’30s, not the ’60s. I told and answered in truth for what I was asked. What they did and do to balance themselves in their own points of view for the life they said they wanted is their own responsibility. You gave them your blame, and all of your problems but no forgiveness. They were you – your reflections yet you keep your children in cages and want new prison crosses for your own profits, and the same cycles continue as your judgments are pushed off to the unknowing people for more tax money in old and useless jobs. They are also making up more TV movie crime, as if you don’t have enough. Know this: from the prison graves the Christhead is no new trip, and the so-called Christians have been and are feeding on the blood of Christ children. You are so misled and caught up in lies that your souls and your justice are locked in the bank. Actors play your leaders in the same war patterns set by the dead. I could have a parole and have no soul. I’ll keep my soul and shirk your parole. You people have no authority from justice. You’re crooks running the numbers racket you got no respect. I don’t want into your thoughts as anything but a number and you are dismissed from any service you claim to do in the name of God. Prison is a frame of thought. I’m out of that. I don’t want out of your prison unless I can go with my brothers and sisters. If I have the whole world and not my Family, I would have nothing. I’m not broken. I’m not beaten. My own Holy Revolution against pollution is still in full swing. I am my own government. Even if Reagan is trying to ride on my life. I am my own court and judge, my own world, my own God, in my own rebirth movement started behind the judge’s chambers in 1943. God is in me and I’m in God and we both have a spirit of justice for the world. You can try to kill me a million times more but you cannot kill soul. Truth was, is, and will always be. you have beaten me, broken my neck, knocked my teeth out. You’ve drugged me for years, dragging me up and down prison hallways, laying my head on every chopping block you’ve got in this state, chained me, burnt me, but you cannot defeat me. All you can do is destroy yourselves with your own judgments. All that cannot get under me and in God’s will will not live over me but for a short time and that will grow to be a thousand hells, for you not only gave me your heads in truth by Dying, but have made me Christ four times in the world thought, Satan four times, Abraxas four times. But over that I already was the 666 for 17 years in government prisons and am still brother in that chamber of thought with knives in darkness. My 666 Beast is running free out- side, in one will, with permission to do anything except to destroy water, air, trees, or wildlife, or the people with the marks of the Father on them. My armies move in ways beyond your programmed book brains in a Holy War to redeem life on Earth. For ATWA they move in all things, everywhere, coming from all you don’t know, from all you can’t or won’t try to understand. There are many people who have already made a lot of sacrifices in order to turn the world around, to redeem their own ATWA. So, the people who lie and have lied will suffer the sufferings of a lot of people who gave. Reborn Christians who are real in their rebirth don’t need to find God’s words in books. The people who want life on Earth are with me in the will of life and working beyond money. The others can go to their deaths however and wherever they find it. The same God I speak of is all gods in ONE GOD. One world. One court. One government. One order. One mind. Or continue with the madness you have judged for yourselves to live in forever. The time has ended and will catch up to each person’s thought as it does. Before 1969, for over twenty years, I suffered your prison cross. I give that to live, because I didn’t know the difference. I forgive and it is in my will to forget. But for the last fifteen years, there is no forgiveness. The IPCR is the green field with a red bull. Until you all accept one God, one government, one order, there will be no order. One religion, or no religion. Religion is God’s biggest problem. “Just as a circle embraces all that is within it, so does the Godhead embrace all. No one has the power to divide this circle, to surpass it, or to limit it.” To do so will be your destruction. Note for the record. In the all that was said about me, it was not me saying it, and if you see a false prophet, it is only a reflection of your judgments, for in truth, it is motions, not words, that speak for the Manson family. We each have our own worlds and judgments. I have no judgments outside of what you all have set for yourselves. I’m content wherever I am. Whatever you do or say does not touch my inner circle. I have peace within myself. Peace of mind. Charles Manson P.S. The U.S. started the Second World War.

Lost Book?

Jess Bravin mentions many times in his book on Squeaky Fromme that she was working on a book about her and other circle members experiences with C.M. (page 160 has the first reference). I have seen an introduction to this text on the Internet but have never seen any other reference to this book. I am assuming it remain unpublished. Was it ever completed (even incomplete manuscripts of this nature could easily get published)? Was it lost when the FBI raided her home after her attempt at propaganda by deed in 1975?

Sanders in his book “The Family” mentioned that it was about 600 typed pages long and disappeared into his mythical blackhole where Manson related items go.

There seems to be very little information of the actual views of the Manson circle out there especially by direct members before their conversions to Christianity. This text would definitely fill that void.