Charles Manson’s Basic Philosophy as given at this 1986 Parole Hearing

1986 hearing

The children of the l960s that you call the “Manson Family” wanted to stop a war and turn the government and world to peace. They gave their lives when they took lives and they knew it. They gave all to clean up ATWA air, trees, water, animals, the whole of the life of Earth, in love and concern for brothers and sisters in soul. They gave to get their brothers and sisters out of cages and to touch some intelligence upon the Earth. By living next to the land, we did see the drought and famine coming. For my part, I was complete and willing to take responsibility for any influence I had over THE mind of all, but your courts ran for the money and away from their own fears, guilts, and responsibilities. They didn’t want to confront the truth about themselves. Your government invented the Watergate coverup but never did say what they were really covering up a Holy War invoked from the soul. When Manson, aka Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, the Buddha, was condemned by the press and THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA VS. MANSON, you condemned yourselves. You condemned yourselves in the so-called Manson Family, putting the son of God on the prison cross again. I broke no law, not God’s nor Man’s law. God knows this; the Holy Spirit knows; and anyone in the truth knows. What you are buying and selling in God’s name you will suffer. With your own judgments convicting yourselves of being Satan, the anti-Christ, you stand your world on fire. I am Abraxas, the son of God, the son of Darkness, and I stand behind ALL the courts of the world. Until I get my rights, no one has rights. I’m God’s messenger from and in the truth, brother and son to all men. (666 your computers will print the same read-out to your book brains.) Until I get the same rights my fathers had, I will stand in Nixon’s place, convicted as the false prophet, as fire burns and the children starve and the land dies along with the air, as the wildlife becomes poisoned and the trees are being cut so fast that wildlife will not survive NOT WITHOUT WORLD CHANGE. I did I say “did” invoke a balance for life on Earth. From be- hind the time locks of courtrooms and from the worlds of darkness, I did let loose devils and demons with the power of scorpions to torment. I did unseal seven seals and seven jars in accord with the judgments placed upon me, upon my circle. All who had no forgiveness will have no heart, and did set loose upon the earth destruction in the balance of their own judgments. These are the people who gave their own children no chance for survival. These are the people locked in death wishes which they project into the minds of the children. To the faithful I say this, so that understanding can be touched and because I know you have been misled: I did live among you in the will of all, in and out of prison for over twenty years before I was put on trial in 1969. From the 1940s I lived a lifetime in and on your prison cross, kept in your punishments to be your goat, your blame, all your bad, long before your children of the ’60s picked me up and my will from the leftover garbage of past wars you waged upon your young. I am a child of the ’30s, not the ’60s. I told and answered in truth for what I was asked. What they did and do to balance themselves in their own points of view for the life they said they wanted is their own responsibility. You gave them your blame, and all of your problems but no forgiveness. They were you – your reflections yet you keep your children in cages and want new prison crosses for your own profits, and the same cycles continue as your judgments are pushed off to the unknowing people for more tax money in old and useless jobs. They are also making up more TV movie crime, as if you don’t have enough. Know this: from the prison graves the Christhead is no new trip, and the so-called Christians have been and are feeding on the blood of Christ children. You are so misled and caught up in lies that your souls and your justice are locked in the bank. Actors play your leaders in the same war patterns set by the dead. I could have a parole and have no soul. I’ll keep my soul and shirk your parole. You people have no authority from justice. You’re crooks running the numbers racket you got no respect. I don’t want into your thoughts as anything but a number and you are dismissed from any service you claim to do in the name of God. Prison is a frame of thought. I’m out of that. I don’t want out of your prison unless I can go with my brothers and sisters. If I have the whole world and not my Family, I would have nothing. I’m not broken. I’m not beaten. My own Holy Revolution against pollution is still in full swing. I am my own government. Even if Reagan is trying to ride on my life. I am my own court and judge, my own world, my own God, in my own rebirth movement started behind the judge’s chambers in 1943. God is in me and I’m in God and we both have a spirit of justice for the world. You can try to kill me a million times more but you cannot kill soul. Truth was, is, and will always be. you have beaten me, broken my neck, knocked my teeth out. You’ve drugged me for years, dragging me up and down prison hallways, laying my head on every chopping block you’ve got in this state, chained me, burnt me, but you cannot defeat me. All you can do is destroy yourselves with your own judgments. All that cannot get under me and in God’s will will not live over me but for a short time and that will grow to be a thousand hells, for you not only gave me your heads in truth by Dying, but have made me Christ four times in the world thought, Satan four times, Abraxas four times. But over that I already was the 666 for 17 years in government prisons and am still brother in that chamber of thought with knives in darkness. My 666 Beast is running free out- side, in one will, with permission to do anything except to destroy water, air, trees, or wildlife, or the people with the marks of the Father on them. My armies move in ways beyond your programmed book brains in a Holy War to redeem life on Earth. For ATWA they move in all things, everywhere, coming from all you don’t know, from all you can’t or won’t try to understand. There are many people who have already made a lot of sacrifices in order to turn the world around, to redeem their own ATWA. So, the people who lie and have lied will suffer the sufferings of a lot of people who gave. Reborn Christians who are real in their rebirth don’t need to find God’s words in books. The people who want life on Earth are with me in the will of life and working beyond money. The others can go to their deaths however and wherever they find it. The same God I speak of is all gods in ONE GOD. One world. One court. One government. One order. One mind. Or continue with the madness you have judged for yourselves to live in forever. The time has ended and will catch up to each person’s thought as it does. Before 1969, for over twenty years, I suffered your prison cross. I give that to live, because I didn’t know the difference. I forgive and it is in my will to forget. But for the last fifteen years, there is no forgiveness. The IPCR is the green field with a red bull. Until you all accept one God, one government, one order, there will be no order. One religion, or no religion. Religion is God’s biggest problem. “Just as a circle embraces all that is within it, so does the Godhead embrace all. No one has the power to divide this circle, to surpass it, or to limit it.” To do so will be your destruction. Note for the record. In the all that was said about me, it was not me saying it, and if you see a false prophet, it is only a reflection of your judgments, for in truth, it is motions, not words, that speak for the Manson family. We each have our own worlds and judgments. I have no judgments outside of what you all have set for yourselves. I’m content wherever I am. Whatever you do or say does not touch my inner circle. I have peace within myself. Peace of mind. Charles Manson P.S. The U.S. started the Second World War.



  1. Here, I’ll save you the time!

  2. The only comments that get deleted are those that discuss the HTB murders when they are not mentioned in the posting being commented on. My focus with this blog is ideas and philosophy. There are plenty of blogs devoted to discussing the murders. I even link to Debbies victim site on the opening page.

  3. I think what excitable boy was suggesting is that this Manson screed is largely incomprehensible. I speak as a journalist and ex-teacher accustomed to analyzing and evaluating long texts. Manson may well have shamanic credibility but a conventional requirement of any text is that it should be in some way meaningful – this merely has the semblance of meaning. The clue to this is to attempt to either paraphrase or summarise what he says – and as soon as you do that you see he says nothing at all that makes sense.

    As for CM’s conceit that the US started the Second World War, try peddling that in Britain where the Poms still bitch that we took so long to get involved!

  4. Manson writings make a lot more sense as poetry. I am currently converting a seriers of his writings into a poem format. I had posted one such poem already about meat-eating.

  5. The bit about WWII was a strange afterthought but I believe Manson was talking from an American viewpoint. The USA did not go to war until Hawaii was attacked by the Japanese. There is some evidence that we goaded the Japanese into attacking and this I believe is what Manson is referring to.

  6. Off topic, but even if we somehow goaded the Japs into bombing Pearl Harbor (done so we could finally end the isolationist stance congress was taking, and enter the War) that certainly does not mean that we started it!

  7. And I don’t believe it either but alot of folk do and that is where Manson is coming from. Pat Buchannon has recently written a critique of our involvement in WWII from a paleo-conservative point of view.

  8. Bah!

  9. Thanks Frank, but what I was referring to is the fact that our sitemonitor takes down any post that infers that Charlie might be guilty of something.
    He posts article stating that Manson is innocent of all crimes that he is convicted of, but won’t allow anyone to rebut them.
    Have a nice day!

  10. Is that true, Mr Site Owner? Do you really think Charlie is innocent of ALL the crimes he has been convicted of? Cos he has an impressive rap sheet.

    Charlie himself famously said he “got caught every time I stole” – was this a lie too? I know he does quite often contradict himself, but then I’m forgetful too.


  11. No, I never said that Manson is innocent of all the crimes he has been convicted of doing. I posted an article by Sandra Good which of course advocates a different point of view. Excitableboy is upset that I will not let this blog discuss specifics of the murders (which is why I did not approve many of his posts) which is not the purpose of this blog. There are other blogs and websites where one can engage in such discussions. I am more interested in the ideas and practices of the Manson circle pre-Helter-Skelter and after the trials.

    I have seen his rapsheet which Adam Gortrightly reprinted in his book.

  12. Thank you for the clarification – and no disrespect on my part.

    You are right that there is no shortage of places to discuss the murders, see the gory photos, recycle the same tired old theories, etc.

    So, you are interested in the ideas and practices of the Manson circle. Ideas in the sense of ideologies (‘lets’s do this because it’s a good and proper thing to do’) ? Or in the sense of creativity and experimentation (‘let’s do this and see what happens’)? Or in the sense of imagination (‘let’s do this crazy wonderful thing that just occurred to me just because’)?

    The premise of this is that the ‘Manson Circle’ (pre-Helter-Skelter and after the trials) was in some way a fairly tight, coherent unit that was able to develop and share a set of beliefs.

    Some may think that the ‘circle’ was being continually penetrated and broken as so many people joined and left. Certainly it is known (and documented) that Spahn was a magnet for teen (and even preteen) runaways, weekend hippies and the like and even the hard core ‘family’ members would take off for a while, coming back with friends or food, another stolen car or credit card. etc.

    Trial and post-trial was different but the coming and going was the same. Kitty is a good example: one moment she’s giving evidence against family members, next she’s shaved her head and is outside the courthouse singing and protesting.

    And post-trial includes today, doesn’t it?Between sentencing and now members of the ‘Manson Circle’ have announced their undying allegiance to CM, renounced him, found God, found guns and sharp swords, have gone into hiding, started blogs, websites and foundations, become rural homesteaders and potters, lawyers, business executives and social workers or simply disappeared.

    What on the whole they haven’t done is speak as a unit – and I tend to doubt that they have spent a great deal of time thinking as one. But that’s just my view, and based on very little.

    I like this blog – and will be interested to see if this kite flies.


  13. I’m not upset, I just don’t think that it is realistic to bring up a subject and not allow people to discuss or rebut.

  14. The “Manson Circle” ain’t gonna “speak as a unit” any more than all Democrats are gonna speak with one voice. It’s not a “hippy cult”, it’s a group of people who like Charles Manson’s music, agree with his environmental philosophy, and believe him to be a political prisoner.

    The USA **DID** start WW II. Before that it was a European skirmish / border war / ethnic cleansing / civil war that we had no business getting involved in. It’s very likely that Roosevelt goaded Japan into bombing Pearl Harbor in a misguided attempt to save our nation’s failing economy. Um, kinda like nowadays, maybe?

    New pictures of Charles, & my visit, on my blog.

  15. Sez Ace:

    “The “Manson Circle” ain’t gonna “speak as a unit” any more than all Democrats are gonna speak with one voice. It’s not a “hippy cult”, it’s a group of people who like Charles Manson’s music, agree with his environmental philosophy, and believe him to be a political prisoner.”

    Ace, I agree with you. But my point was that the group of people around CM (call them what you will) has changed a lot over time – the kids in the first bus driving up to Frisco are a different bunch to the kids that hung around Barker and a different bunch again to those today who loosely speaking follow him, his music and his philosophy and commiserate with his predicament.

    Put another way, a lot of people had contact with CM at different periods in the last 40 years but not so many of those have had contact with each other unless they happened to be in the same place at the same time.

    Good to see you back posting.


  16. Sorry, Ace, but to describe the Japanese invasion of China, the German annexation of Austria and subsequent invasion of Poland, the Italian conquest of Albania, the sieges of Leningrad and Sebastopol, etc., as skirmishes is something of an understatement. Were these ‘started by the US’? My (British) grandfather would have been most unhappy at your post – I in turn would simply urge you to dig out a history book!

    The US were in fact ‘involved’ in WW2 long before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, even if they did not react publicly (the American public opposed direct military intervention throughout the late 30s until 1941). Despite being neutral, we provided assistance to China and the Western Allies, and the American Neutrality Act was amended in November 1939 to allow ‘cash and carry’ purchases by the Allies.

    In 1940, after the Germans had captured Paris, the US was building up its Navy and when the Japanese moved into Indochina the US Government established an embargo on iron, steel and mechanical parts against Japan. By September 1940, the US was providing American destroyers for British bases and protecting most of the Atlantic – to all intents and purposes the United States was at war -even if undeclared – in the North Atlantic by October 1941, before the attack on Pearl Harbor that December.

    Your vision of Roosevelt goading Japan into ‘bombing Pearl Harbor in a misguided attempt to save our nation’s failing economy’ is both naïve and unfounded. It is true that the end of WW2 saw the US and Soviet Russia in the ascendant, with the Allies picking up the crumbs of the Marshall Plan, but this is not the reason we entered.

    My grandfather never had a good word to say for the US – to his mind it was always a question of ‘too little, too late’ and ‘to the victor, the spoils’. But there is little doubt that the US Government would have been involved in WW2 much earlier if they could have sold it to the people.


  17. My posting was postponed until Dave could fix my computer — everything was incompatable or tuned to a different station than I was trying to channel. Machines are evil incarnate.

    May I point out that we, the US, were buying German and Italian products right up until 1941? There weren’t any embargos or trade restrictions against either of these nations until after Pearl. We didn’t give a hang about the murders of Jews, Chinese or Albanians. We didn’t care about the invasion of Poland, and we only took note of France’s troubles when it restrcted travel for the rich. We did not become directly involved for the reason the history books say — to stop Hitler and Mussolini(sp?) and make the world safe for Democracy. Then, as now, we supported both sides, until an attack forced us to tip our hand. When public outcry overwhelmed the urge to make money.

    Just like we didn’t care that Saddam was murdering thousands of Kurds, Bedouins, Chaldeans, etc. until he invaded Kuwait & threatened our oil supply. Oh, but THEN it’s a problem! Still, Saudi Arabia funds the Wasabi (sp?) Muslim sect that binLaudin belongs to, and we are allies with Saudi. We started becoming friendly with Iran again when they became a buffer against Iraq. American wars are about capitalism, not Democracy. We didn’t much care about binLaudin killing moderate Afghanis and enslaving women, until he burned down our pretty buildings. And we didn’t finish off Saddam until Bush needed a diversion.

    Things ain’t changed much.

    It’s been said that Manson supports or emulates Hitler. Not true. Charles looks at him like any other government leader. He’s called Hitler a quote: (close your eyes, virgins) “Dick-sucking faggot when he was in prison” and a “Half-assed self-important art pansy”. Charles notes that Hitler “Restored Order to the world”, which is true, and a good thing if you like Order… I personally prefer much less government than either Fascism or that espoused by Clinton-era Democrats. Charles says that Hitler accumulated a lot of power, and used that power to accomplish his goals. As does any politician. He’s only interesting because he came from such humble beginnnings. And how is the slaughter of Jews any different than any other genocide — such as the one that White Europeans perpetrated against Native Americans, or what is going on currently in Darfur, or any other ethnic war? This technique was brought to you by the Romans and perfected by the Anglo Saxons. When Xians do it to Pagans, it’s perfectly acceptable. When they do it to Jews, oh, that’s terrible! Because, like, Jews are considered “civilized” and we’uns aren’t. The Nazis just had supperior technology than smallpox blankets.

    Charles also notes that soldiers in wartime are supposed to have immunity for what officers order them to do, and that after the surreder, the USA hung 6,000 common soldiers in the German army, who were only obeying orders. We’re supposed to punish the officers and politicians, not the common man. Otherwise, we could’ve executed every captured Iraqi, too…

    Just when we thought we would perish under a blanket of miserable despair at the state of American hypocracy during our visit, one of us would start making faces or pretending to pick our noses or flicking popcorn at each other. Comic relief.

    One major issue in the speech at the parole hearing, that I disagree with (us devoted followers do argue with Our Fearless Leader, y’know, and we don’t even get excommunicated or anything!) ANYway… I think some of Charles’s acquaintences perpetrated murder for drugs and money, to cover up other crimes, and as a copy-cat to blame certain politcal groups — Communists or Black Panthers. Or to get rid of potential snitches. Charles ascribes it to a more noble cause, as does Sandra Good. Whereas, I believe folks like Watson and Davis did not give a goodly damn about the environment, protesting the war, or anything else but getting high and getting it wet. Charles thinks that Sadie and Tex weren’t using amphetamines… “If they had, I would’ve smelled it, like a dog with coon in his kennel”. Which seems to me like denial in hindsight. Because Charles was working for ATWA, making music, and protesting against governmental policy, he thought everyone else surrounding him was doing so, as well. He has to subscribe nobility to his friends, even after they abandoned or betrayed him, otherwise, he has to face the fact that he’s been imprisoned for nothing much (well, other than Nixon needing a fall guy as a diversion from his own crimes). Many were actually working toward ATWA — Sandra and Lynette amongst them — but others were just there cuz it was Party Central. Then again, Charles gently reminds me that “You weren’t there, and you don’t know sh*t”. 🙂

  18. So we are allowed to hear Charlie through third parties, but we dare not say that he may be guilty of something?
    This is kind of like Fox News!

  19. You can say whatever you want, excitable, it’s a free country – well, somewhat.

    Charles is guilty of lots of crimes. Car theft, credit card fraud, pimping, selling dope, stealing miscellaneous stuff. Conspiracy to commuit murder? Maybe, but what other conspirator gets 40 years of hard time? Murder himslef? Nope. Others, who actually were present at the crime scenes, got 0-5, including Ms. Kasabian and Ms. Brunner.

    But then again, From Spahn Ranch doesn’t really want discussion of the case on a blog that’s supposed to be focused on ATWA and Manson philosophy. There are plenty of other forums available to discuss the case.

  20. “There are plenty of other forums available to discuss the case”.

    Yes, excitable, i think you’re going to have to accept that!

    You know I myself identify (non-violently) with ATWA philosophy, more now than back in the 60s I must admit.

    But I do have a problem in separating (at least) two sides of life at Spahn/Barker.

    On one side we have the well documented world of drugs and bikers, burns and balling, a magnet for runaways and tearaways (even pre-teens hung around Spahn), young girls essentially being pimped for favors, theft of cars and credit cards, all in a milieu of general squalor and filth.

    On another you have a thoughtful, musical, generous world (less well attested), with tidy kitchens, organized routines, which shared everything and strove for self-betterment of the world.

    And then (by some accounts) when death and mayhem started there was a new order where arms and killing became an obsession, inner cliques withholding information from others in the group caused dissension, desperation and departure settled in, well you’ve all read the accounts.

    These are essentially conflicting accounts. I’ll buy the ATWA. I lived on a cooperative in the late 60s where we grew our own organic food (and sold the surplus) and I can attest the sincere belief in the hippy ideal – ‘peace can rule the world’, ‘the native Americans have the right attitude’, ‘the world is only on loan to us’, etc.

    But I don’t think all the people hanging around Spahn and Barker bought into that. Some were there for Charlie, some for the dope and girls, some for the bikes and repair shops, some maybe didn’t know why they were there and it wasn’t a question for them.

    And then there were the late comers, who joined the ‘family’ (ouch) after Charlie et al were incarcerated and only got second hand what others had got from the horse’s mouth. And if you look at the Internet there are still people today, some very young indeed, who hold that ‘Manson is cool, dude’ (or was it ‘Manson is a cool dude’? – it makes no difference).

    So what I’m saying here is that to talk of ATWA and Manson philosophy is not easy. When exactly are we talking about? What period of time? Chalie on release from jail? Driving a bus around Frisco? The days with Dennis Wilson? Spahn pre-murder? Spahn post-murder? Barker? And which group of people? There were (are) so many of them, all individuals, all with differing degrees of commitment to ATWA or to Charlie. People’s views don’t stay frozen, and the people who flocked to Charlie would have had young and extremely malleable minds. The dope will have had an influence too, that and the free sex (despite common belief, open and group sex was a big jump in the 60s) and all of this will have had a bonding effect on a group from which most will have separated to different extents over different timeframes.

    Charlie himself changed a lot, was moody and difficult at times, generous and loving at others, selfish and vicious at others still. On the whole I find his writings at best inane and at worst unintelligible (although there are gems in there), and some of his acolytes (who copied not only his words and ideas but also his style of speaking) seem (IMHO) at times ‘zombies’ insofar as they derogated their own will and identity for Charlie’s.

    Over to you, Ace (and others)


  21. I guess Ace was right, it’s a somewhat free country.

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