A Classification system of Charles manson’s idea history (a first draft)

On of the commentators to this blog (Frank) brought up the questions of how to classify and sort through Manson’s ideas and he offered a simple breakdown. Thinking about Frank’s ideas and wishing to expand on the a bit I have come up with this:

I. Pre-Release but while in Federal Prison until 1967

II. Building the Circle (pre-H.S.) 67-68 (maybe even early 69)

III. The game of H.S. and descent into paranioa (1969 until the arrests)

iV. The Trials (1970-72)

V. Pre-ATWA Prison period (1972-86

VI. ATWA (1986 til the present) not sure when ATWA was first documented in CM’s writing but this year he made his formal announcement during a parolehearing.


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