Death by Charles Manson (Jan 1972)

Pseudoprofundity in Death in one’s eye, so insignificant as I. To fall off into endless dream, becoming the dream of total self. Death goes to where life comes from. Total awareness, closing the circle, bringing the soul to now. Ceasing to be, to become a world within yourself. Locked in your own totalness. Oh, fear my GOD, giving all to life as life falls into no thought pattern. Bvecoming the sun, moon and my mountains have breath, my oceans have feeling, my eyes cry rivers and blinking stars reflecting other suns, other worlds at peace in my calm night, becoming the wind and knowing all in my world is death.

He who lives and only thinks he lives. Can a bird fly in fear of height? Youth march on tombstones of old thought calling to the teacher’s grave in the name of the living. Callto evil and sin by the preacher, father, priest, mother church. Calling off into maddness. Working off and acting out mother and father lie game of “honor thy parents.” Looking to the old.

Death is peace from this world’s maddess and paradise in my own self. Death as I lay in my grave of constant vibration, endless now.

Prison has always been my tomb. I love myself as I love my death as being alone with self the words I send you bore me and bring me from my death onel to play in your illusion and bring down the Christian thought placeing new value on life being death and death being life. Your world is not your world as you may think.

I owe it nothing. It owes me all, for this is what I gave and this is what I receive. For I am dead to your thinking. Dead to time, dead to death, seeing no death. The way out of my cell is not through the door. I have hidden from your opinions and livied in your prison heall with death looking at mee through the eyes of the dying. Life is death, death is life. Meanings are yours to place.

Now is and will be as it has always been, indestructible, indescribable. In your heart is a part of my life’s heart in death. Die.

Why ask about something that moves within your soul? Casting off fear is only to become one with self-death. Total negative becomes total positive and then you see that all your life your have lived with fear of death.

“The Process” (magazine)
(Jan. 1972)


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