New Edition of a Modern Classic



  1. The only thing classic about ‘The Shadow Over Santa Susana’ by Adam Gorightly is that it is a classic example of plagiarism, as anyone who has taken the time to read most of the more well known albeit grossly inaccurate books written on Manson,. Gorightly’s book is nothing but all those other books chopped up and glued together for the new media and information saturated zombies. Every error after error and fabrication after falsification found in ‘Helter Skelter’ and ‘The Family ‘ etc. is found here. It’s the whole myth, but not much of the truth.

    B-Grade rhetoric for mouth breathers and knuckle draggers with no concept of truth or reality, fantasy schlock to entertain you with more vicarious thrills, this time simply a heavier dose of the same lame garbage. He got one thing right which I was surprised to see – Manson was born on the 11th of November, not on the 12th.

  2. Pro-Manson folk need to write their own biographies and histories, instead of just complaining about the writings of others. Its been 40 years folks and the number of Pro-Manson books is extremely small. I personally like the Gorightly book because it includes everything and he admits up front that is is a Mythos. And the cover icon of CM is not bad either.

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