A Statement on the Charles Manson note to Phil Spector-Its a Lie

I really doubt this is true. Inmates aren’t allowed to send mail to other inmates. It’s a big restriction.

Charles tried to send stuff to Leslie, Patricia and Susan last year. He was asking everyone to forgive everyone. He got into trouble for sending unauthorized, unapproved mail to other inmates, which is not allowed without both wardens’ permission, from both facilities. Which is NOT going to happen.

So the idea of a guard sending an inter-prison note… well, it sounds dubious. The guard would get into trouble, as well, and since they’re under threat of being laid off, I can’t see any of them risking their jobs.

It’s possible that Charles could mail something to an outside supporter such as myself. The the individual could mail it back to Mr. Spector. Charles sent a letter to Susan thru me once, but Mr. Whitehouse intercepted it and sent me a real nasty-gram! But it’s taking a huge risk of having mail privs suspended for months.

Anyway, Mr. Spectre might end up in PHU after all, right now he is across the street in Corcoran 2, the substance abuse Tx facility. Neither of them is gonna be producing ANYthing for a while, unless it’s bootleg. Charles’s latest records were either done by phone or with a stolen tape recorder, which has since been re-confiscated. Like, years ago.

Maybe Mr. Spector is trying to avoid PHU, where there aren’t many jobs, and it’s isolated, and difficult to go to store, gym or library. So he’s trying to avoid it by having Charles put on his “known enemy” list??? Or perhaps he’s making it all up, or the tabloid writer is. Just speculations on my part.

A.C. Fisher Aldag