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A blog for the discussion of the manson circle’s (since manson denies having a “family” its more appropriate to refer to his group as a circle of friends)…I use “family” in the blog name only because others still use it. This blog is more devoted to the ideas of Manson & some of his co-followers. It is not to glorify the murders associated with his name or engage in a necrophiliac fascination of said murders.

Note: Comments made to just denouce Manson or comments about Tex’s killings will not get approved (unless they are in response to a posting discussing said murders. THere are plenty of sites were you can go and engage in such acts. I am sure Debra Tate would welcome you at her site:




  1. Hi, Spahn
    I didn’t know you had a blog. It’s a nicely put together and vey informative blog. Just wanted to say “hello” and then peruse your site.

  2. Hi,
    Just wanted to ask what happened to Blue? I have heard that she no longer corresponds with Charlie. This is hard to believe, and I just want to know if it is true, and if so, why?
    Thanks & nice site.


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