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New Book Alert

Riding On Your Fears
by Curt Rowlett

Riding On Your Fears is an essay that takes a look at a few of the unsolved mysteries surrounding the murders committed by Charles Manson and his infamous “family.” The author asks and seeks to provide answers to such hard questions as, could Manson be considered a true counter-culture revolutionary? Was he a well-intentioned, but ultimately misunderstood guru whose followers took it upon themselves to murder for him? Or was he, as the prosecutor at his murder trial portrayed him, simply a crazed cult leader and career criminal? This book contends that Manson is a varied combination of all of those things. But exactly where it all begins, converges, and ends is among the many unanswered questions to be found in the Manson case. Riding On Your Fears delves into the roots of Manson’s philosophy, his modus operandi and his drug use, as well as discussing Manson anecdotes, rumors, and urban legends.

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