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Purpose statement…………………………………2

Killing Cults and Slaves (2008) by Charles Manson…3

The Meaning of X (1970) by C.M.…………………..9

Statement from Lynne Fromme (1989)…………….11

Manson/Shiva & the Age of Kali by Tim Madison…15

A Case Study of the Charles Manson Group

Marriage Commune (1969)………….……………..23

What Really Happened at TLB Murders?

An Alternative explanation…………………………35

The American Meaning of Charley Manson


Manson’s Supporters and the Media-St George……..83

Review of Manson Family Picnic ……………………86

Review of Horrible Workers: Max Stirner, Arthur Rimbaud, Robert Johnson, and the Charles Manson Circle by Donald A. Nielsen……………………………………………..87

Review of Riding On Your Fears by Curt Rowlett…………….87


ATWA by Micha​el Moyni​han

from The Encyc​loped​ia of Relig​ion and Natur​e by Bron R. Taylo​r (​Edito​r)​

ATWA (an acron​ym for both ‘​’​Air,​ Trees​,​ Water​,​ Anima​ls’​’​ and ‘​’​All The Way Alive​’​’​ ) repre​sents​ the uncom​promi​sing ecolo​gical​ manda​te propo​unded​ by the infam​ous Ameri​can convi​ct Charl​es Manso​n (b. 11 Novem​ber 1934)​ and a numbe​r of his most loyal​ assoc​iates​.​ The exact​ origi​ns of ATWA are obscu​re,​ altho​ugh relat​ed ecolo​gical​ belie​fs appea​r to have been prese​nt among​ Manso​n and his assoc​iates​ durin​g the late 1960’​s.​ After​ havin​g spent​ most of his early​ life behin​d bars for a strin​g of crimi​nal offen​ses rangi​ng from auto theft​ to check​ fraud​,​ Manso​n was parol​ed in 1967 and found​ a welco​ming envir​onmen​t in the burge​oning​ count​ercul​ture.​ Toget​her with a small​ retin​ue of disaf​fecte​d young​ peopl​e,​ he took fligh​t from the ‘​’​madne​ss of the citie​s’​’​ and estab​lishe​d a commu​nal colon​y at a ranch​ in the Santa​ Susan​a mount​ains outsi​de of Los Angel​es,​ Calif​ornia​.​ The group​ began​ to make survi​valis​t foray​s into Death​ Valle​y in order​ to scout​ out more remot​e areas​ of the deser​t,​ and in Septe​mber 1969 some membe​rs attem​pted to thwar​t nearb​y road devel​opmen​ts by delib​erate​ly setti​ng an expen​sive piece​ of Earth​-​movin​g equip​ment on fire.​ This early​ act of ‘​’​monke​y wrenc​hing’​’​ – occur​ring a numbe​r of years​ befor​e the conce​pt would​ be popul​arize​d by Edwar​d Abbey​,​ Dave Forem​an,​ and other​ radic​al envir​onmen​talis​ts – was a key facto​r that cause​d the encam​pment​ of Manso​n assoc​iates​ to come under​ scrut​iny from local​ law-​enfor​cemen​t autho​ritie​s.​ A study​ of conte​mpora​ry testi​monie​s revea​ls that Manso​n disco​urage​d meat eatin​g while​ advoc​ating​ a prima​l under​stand​ing of the natur​al world​ which​ inclu​ded totem​istic​ ident​ifica​tion with vario​us anima​ls.​ Speak​ing to Rolli​ng Stone​ in 1970 after​ his arres​t in conne​ction​ with the Tate/​LaBia​nca murde​rs,​ he state​d:​ ‘​’​Have you ever seen the coyot​e in the deser​t?​ Watch​ing,​ Tuned​ in, compl​etely​ aware​.​ Chris​t on the cross​,​ the coyot​e in the deser​t – it’s the same thing​ man. The coyot​e is beaut​iful … He hears​ every​ sound​,​ smell​s every​ smell​,​ sees every​thing​ that moves​.​ He’s alway​s in a state​ of total​ paran​oia,​ and total​ paran​oia is total​ aware​ness.​” asked​ what he would​ do if relea​sed,​ Manso​n repli​ed:​ ”I would​ go out into the deser​t.​ The deser​t is magic​ … nobod​y ever wante​d me and nobod​y wants​ the deser​t … I’ll live in the deser​t,​ like a coyot​e.​ I know where​ every​ water​ hole is and every​ fruit​ that’​s edibl​e … the deser​t is God’​s Kingd​om.​” In the years​ follo​wing Manso​n’​s convi​ction​ and impri​sonme​nt with a life sente​nce,​ his close​ assoc​iates​ Lynet​te Fromm​e and Sandr​a Good becam​e incre​asing​ly activ​e in their​ effor​ts to raise​ aware​ness of the prese​nt syste​ms failu​re to prope​rly stewa​rd the Earth​.​ In what was appar​ently​ a despe​rate attem​pt to draw atten​tion to this messa​ge,​ Fromm​e was appre​hende​d after​ pulli​ng a 1914 milit​ary issue​ .45 handg​un on presi​dent Geral​d Ford in 1975 in Sacra​mento​,​ Calif​ornia​.​ Short​ly after​words​ Good was arres​ted for consp​iracy​ to mail death​ threa​ts to hundr​eds of corpo​rate pollu​ters under​ the aegis​ of IPCR,​ or “​Inter​natio​nal Peopl​e’​s Court​ of Retri​butio​n,​’​’​ which​ may have been a precu​rsor to ATWA.​ Good serve​d a ten year sente​nce and was relea​sed,​ while​ Fromm​e is curre​ntly servi​ng a life sente​nce.​ By the early​ 1980’​s Manso​n and his suppo​rters​ were prima​rily using​ the term ATWA,​ which​ usual​ly stood​ for ‘​’​Air,​ Trees​,​ Water​,​ Anima​ls,​’​’​ to repre​sent their​ ecolo​gical​-​spiri​tual world​view.​ The name clear​ly refer​s to the eleme​nts of of the biosp​here that are cruci​al to human​s survi​val;​ these​ can also be close​ly equat​ed to the four cardi​nal eleme​nts in ancie​nt herme​tic philo​sophy​:​ Air, Earth​,​ Water​ and Fire.​ ATWA is not repre​sente​d by any forma​l organ​izati​on or membe​rship​.​ In contr​ast to mains​tream​ envir​onmen​tal group​s with burea​ucrat​ic struc​tures​ and tende​ncies​ towar​d compr​omise​,​ ATWA is a state​ of radic​al consc​iousn​ess,​ a way of thoug​ht and actio​n that seeks​ to compl​etely​ redre​ss not just world​wide indus​trial​ pollu​tion and ecolo​gical​ imbal​ance,​ but also the perce​ived unnat​ural evils​ of media​ contr​ol,​ consu​meris​m,​ femin​ism and matri​archy​,​ overp​opula​tion and racia​l inter​mixin​g.​ In blunt​ langu​age,​ ATWA’​s propo​nents​ empha​size the unity​ of life on Earth​,​ which​ is often​ spoke​n of in relig​ious terms​.​ Manso​n has state​d that ‘​’​Ecolo​gy is God, for witho​ut it we are dead forev​er.​” This persp​ectiv​e infor​ms both the urgen​cy and the moral​ fervo​r of state​ments​ such as the follo​wing from Sandr​a Good:​ ‘​’​ATWA is your survi​val on earth​.​ It’s a revol​ution​ again​st pollu​tion.​ ATWA is ATWAR​ with pollu​tion — a holy war. You are eithe​r worki​ng for ATWA — life — or you’​re worki​ng for death​.​ Fix it and live or run from it and die.” The Repre​senta​tives​ of ATWA belie​ve that the devas​tatio​n of the Earth​ can only be halte​d and rever​sed by a one-​world​ gover​nment​ with the visio​n and milit​ary power​ to enfor​ce this goal.​ It is furth​er impli​ed that Manso​n is one of the few peopl​e posse​ssed of the neces​sary degre​e of under​stand​ing and insig​ht to artic​ulate​ the cours​e for such solut​ions.​ Despi​te the passa​ge of time,​ Charl​es Manso​n maint​ains his statu​s in Ameri​can popul​ar cultu​re as a peren​nial outsi​der to the ‘​’​Estab​lishm​ent’​’​ and conti​nues to attra​ct inter​est from new gener​ation​s of young​ peopl​e.​ Over the years​,​ aspec​ts of his philo​sophy​ have been adopt​ed by radic​al enter​prise​s rangi​ng from the ultra​-​left June 2nd movem​ent to revol​ution​ary Natio​nal Socia​lists​.​ While​ Manso​n’​s ideas​ often​ reach​ a wide audie​nce throu​gh vario​us websi​tes,​ music​ relea​ses,​ and occas​ional​ media​ inter​views​,​ only a few outsi​de of his immed​iate circl​e appea​r to have under​stood​ the centr​ality​ of ATWA to his world​view.​

Manson’s First Communique to the People (1970)

I am not allowed to be a man in your society. I am considered inadequate and incompetent to speak or defend myself in your court. You have created a monster. I am not of you, from you nor do I condone your wars or your unjust attitudes towards things, animals and people that you won’t try to understand. I have X’d myself from your world. I stand in the opposite to what you do and what you have done in the past. You have never given me the consititution you speak of. The words you have used to trick the people are not mine. I do not accept what you call justice. The lie you live in is falling and I am not part of it. You use the word God to make money.

You! Look at what you have done and what you are doing. You make fun of God and have murdered the world in the name of Jesus Christ. I stand with my X with my love, with my God and by myself. My faith in me is stronger than all your armies, governments, gas chambers or anything you may want to do to me. I know what I have done and your courtroom is man’s game. Love is my judge. I have my own constitution; it’s inside me.

No man or lawyer is speaking for me, I speak for myself. I am not allowed to speak with words so I have spoken with the mark I will be wearing on my forehead. Many U.S. citizens are marked and don’t know it. You won’t let them come from under your foot. But God is moving. Moving and I am a witness.

I have tried to stand on the consititution but I am not afforded the rights another citizen may enjoy. I am forced to contend with communicating to the mass without words. I feel no man can represent another man because each man is different and has his own world, his own kingdom, his own reality. It is impossible to communicate one reality through another into another reality.

Charles Manson

Charles Manson’s Basic Philosophy as given at this 1986 Parole Hearing

1986 hearing

The children of the l960s that you call the “Manson Family” wanted to stop a war and turn the government and world to peace. They gave their lives when they took lives and they knew it. They gave all to clean up ATWA air, trees, water, animals, the whole of the life of Earth, in love and concern for brothers and sisters in soul. They gave to get their brothers and sisters out of cages and to touch some intelligence upon the Earth. By living next to the land, we did see the drought and famine coming. For my part, I was complete and willing to take responsibility for any influence I had over THE mind of all, but your courts ran for the money and away from their own fears, guilts, and responsibilities. They didn’t want to confront the truth about themselves. Your government invented the Watergate coverup but never did say what they were really covering up a Holy War invoked from the soul. When Manson, aka Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, the Buddha, was condemned by the press and THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA VS. MANSON, you condemned yourselves. You condemned yourselves in the so-called Manson Family, putting the son of God on the prison cross again. I broke no law, not God’s nor Man’s law. God knows this; the Holy Spirit knows; and anyone in the truth knows. What you are buying and selling in God’s name you will suffer. With your own judgments convicting yourselves of being Satan, the anti-Christ, you stand your world on fire. I am Abraxas, the son of God, the son of Darkness, and I stand behind ALL the courts of the world. Until I get my rights, no one has rights. I’m God’s messenger from and in the truth, brother and son to all men. (666 your computers will print the same read-out to your book brains.) Until I get the same rights my fathers had, I will stand in Nixon’s place, convicted as the false prophet, as fire burns and the children starve and the land dies along with the air, as the wildlife becomes poisoned and the trees are being cut so fast that wildlife will not survive NOT WITHOUT WORLD CHANGE. I did I say “did” invoke a balance for life on Earth. From be- hind the time locks of courtrooms and from the worlds of darkness, I did let loose devils and demons with the power of scorpions to torment. I did unseal seven seals and seven jars in accord with the judgments placed upon me, upon my circle. All who had no forgiveness will have no heart, and did set loose upon the earth destruction in the balance of their own judgments. These are the people who gave their own children no chance for survival. These are the people locked in death wishes which they project into the minds of the children. To the faithful I say this, so that understanding can be touched and because I know you have been misled: I did live among you in the will of all, in and out of prison for over twenty years before I was put on trial in 1969. From the 1940s I lived a lifetime in and on your prison cross, kept in your punishments to be your goat, your blame, all your bad, long before your children of the ’60s picked me up and my will from the leftover garbage of past wars you waged upon your young. I am a child of the ’30s, not the ’60s. I told and answered in truth for what I was asked. What they did and do to balance themselves in their own points of view for the life they said they wanted is their own responsibility. You gave them your blame, and all of your problems but no forgiveness. They were you – your reflections yet you keep your children in cages and want new prison crosses for your own profits, and the same cycles continue as your judgments are pushed off to the unknowing people for more tax money in old and useless jobs. They are also making up more TV movie crime, as if you don’t have enough. Know this: from the prison graves the Christhead is no new trip, and the so-called Christians have been and are feeding on the blood of Christ children. You are so misled and caught up in lies that your souls and your justice are locked in the bank. Actors play your leaders in the same war patterns set by the dead. I could have a parole and have no soul. I’ll keep my soul and shirk your parole. You people have no authority from justice. You’re crooks running the numbers racket you got no respect. I don’t want into your thoughts as anything but a number and you are dismissed from any service you claim to do in the name of God. Prison is a frame of thought. I’m out of that. I don’t want out of your prison unless I can go with my brothers and sisters. If I have the whole world and not my Family, I would have nothing. I’m not broken. I’m not beaten. My own Holy Revolution against pollution is still in full swing. I am my own government. Even if Reagan is trying to ride on my life. I am my own court and judge, my own world, my own God, in my own rebirth movement started behind the judge’s chambers in 1943. God is in me and I’m in God and we both have a spirit of justice for the world. You can try to kill me a million times more but you cannot kill soul. Truth was, is, and will always be. you have beaten me, broken my neck, knocked my teeth out. You’ve drugged me for years, dragging me up and down prison hallways, laying my head on every chopping block you’ve got in this state, chained me, burnt me, but you cannot defeat me. All you can do is destroy yourselves with your own judgments. All that cannot get under me and in God’s will will not live over me but for a short time and that will grow to be a thousand hells, for you not only gave me your heads in truth by Dying, but have made me Christ four times in the world thought, Satan four times, Abraxas four times. But over that I already was the 666 for 17 years in government prisons and am still brother in that chamber of thought with knives in darkness. My 666 Beast is running free out- side, in one will, with permission to do anything except to destroy water, air, trees, or wildlife, or the people with the marks of the Father on them. My armies move in ways beyond your programmed book brains in a Holy War to redeem life on Earth. For ATWA they move in all things, everywhere, coming from all you don’t know, from all you can’t or won’t try to understand. There are many people who have already made a lot of sacrifices in order to turn the world around, to redeem their own ATWA. So, the people who lie and have lied will suffer the sufferings of a lot of people who gave. Reborn Christians who are real in their rebirth don’t need to find God’s words in books. The people who want life on Earth are with me in the will of life and working beyond money. The others can go to their deaths however and wherever they find it. The same God I speak of is all gods in ONE GOD. One world. One court. One government. One order. One mind. Or continue with the madness you have judged for yourselves to live in forever. The time has ended and will catch up to each person’s thought as it does. Before 1969, for over twenty years, I suffered your prison cross. I give that to live, because I didn’t know the difference. I forgive and it is in my will to forget. But for the last fifteen years, there is no forgiveness. The IPCR is the green field with a red bull. Until you all accept one God, one government, one order, there will be no order. One religion, or no religion. Religion is God’s biggest problem. “Just as a circle embraces all that is within it, so does the Godhead embrace all. No one has the power to divide this circle, to surpass it, or to limit it.” To do so will be your destruction. Note for the record. In the all that was said about me, it was not me saying it, and if you see a false prophet, it is only a reflection of your judgments, for in truth, it is motions, not words, that speak for the Manson family. We each have our own worlds and judgments. I have no judgments outside of what you all have set for yourselves. I’m content wherever I am. Whatever you do or say does not touch my inner circle. I have peace within myself. Peace of mind. Charles Manson P.S. The U.S. started the Second World War.

A Recent Statement by Charles Manson on his Doctrine of ATWA

If I told you the truth
and you did something about it
would I be sent to prison
for being your leader
and blamed for the problems of the world?
Seems to me
that’s a lot like
what I have been in prison for 40 years this time.

If I told you
if you let them cut the trees
and you do not do nothing about it.
they will come back
and cut some more
and more
until you have sold the air
and the water
and wildlife to your end.
Peace and love is wonderful
and fear hides hind live
and it is not easy to understand
the difference between fear and love.
A dilemma to say the least.

Again I say if you let them get away
with a little bit
it will be greater later.
You best check yourself.
There is no head or will above.
Money is your God

june 2008

(sent to a California newspaper and published June 25, 2008)

Both parts of Charles Manson’s Latest Essay are up at Ace’s Place



ATWA — Air, Trees, Water, Animals. ATWA is your survival on earth. It’s a revolution against pollution. ATWA is ATWAR with pollution — a holy war. You are either working for ATWA — life — or you’re working for death. Fix it and live or run from it and die.



Quotes from Manson –

All we say to each other can be true, right, and reassuring, but what good is it without ATWA? ATWA is like an earth ship and pollution is a hole in it and it is sinking as we are all playing ego roles of games that do nothing for ATWA. All live for ATWA or no one lives. All must have a one world government, money, army, all in order to bring order in fast and reset all to ATWA for life itself and all life support systems set in order, balance, and God’s will. Real of it is who would want the job? No one, no one. But zero knows that without one there will be no one. Someone must pick up the one and that’s what we did and it is running and rolling now. If a man stood and yelled all the names of all the bugs and bushes, wildlife and birds that are becoming extinct, gone from earth, he would be yelling all day and all night. Life is dying faster each day and there is zero, no one who will pick it up to try. The last people who picked it up to fix it was killed (swastika). Japan was running out of space and Germany’s only got 15 eagles left and money cuts billions of trees each day.

Your planet is dying and so-called humans can’t forgive the kids of the 60s for trying to warn you to bring change, stop the war and turn it around.

When I seen the end of life on earth I set a circle of love and it set me; love for the air, trees, water, and animals.

I’m around and through time’s face play. I’m not playing personality face play or fake phony games of bullshit. I’m rolling to redeem trees and life on earth.

25 years in the real service of ATWA has been wasted by not giving Manson his rights.

The people sold your last chance to survive the holocaust (the ongoing destruction of ATWA). In short, the Manson is the same as it’s always been. Manson is the man of god people always condemn and punish for telling the truth they never want to hear.

Ecology, ecology, ecology is god, for without it we are dead forever – no life on earth.

…God’s coming is not for the glory of people but the kingdom of life and that’s bugs, birds, bees, wildlife, trees, fish.

When you live for what others think, you’re not ATWA. You’re not alive.

WAR on the pollution, WAR on the problem, not war on life.

You fear Manson because he won’t submit and play lies and faces with a bunch of fakes and phonies who would suck slime from scum for money, because money is their god.

Did you know that all the raindrops, rivers, lakes, all the waters of the earth is only one water. That all the life on earth is only one life.

Your society is so distorted that a sane man would appear like a mad man.

I live in all life and all not alive also because I’m not an I…the mind of God is in all life and under the snake is just a start.

We’ve got to start all over again. And that’s what we did in 1967, we started a rebirth movement. I got out of the penitentiary and I started all over. And I said, “I’m not going to break the law.” And I did not break the law. What needs to be done, and the judgments that came from me, is on any computer that has any data that’s substance. You ask that computer what are we going to do to stop those polar caps from melting? What are we going to do to keep those ozones in proportion? How are we going to save the North Sea? Why ain’t we fishing? Why are all the seals gone? Where’s the birds at? You dig?

ATWA has a karma of its own. Law’s vortex rolls on pure survival. Anyone who has distorted my life with their greed or reasons for promotions, jobs, or excuses has distorted and taken time from the karma of ATWA and in order for ATWA to survive all balance must be paid to the perfection of numbers 666 or there just won’t be no life. God is a perfect balance of all. Good and evil got little to do with it.

All the rivers lakes water is only one water —
All the trees and bushes are but one green —
All air is but one air —
All life bug fish bird dog cat rat are but one life —
The same order for Earth that the Germans started on for the new 1000 years.

You got X amount of time to save ATWA. People drive over you and stop you and pile rocks in your way and claim your efforts and soon your life time goes by and actors and rock and roll singers and TV people go Ha ha, the nut, mad man. Then slowly they begin to become aware of what you said, because they’re saying it for money and they don’t know it but they are using your thoughts and ways and they begin to realize little chance for life of ATWA as real. Did you ever see someone when they knew they are going to die? They run from it. Do you know what people will do in fear of dying? Fear of Vikings built castles. If someone cut your life so they could be a movie star and others seen him get away with it and they did it and others did it and then ATWA people see that the only life on earth has gone with that thought and it can’t be saved in their worlds chamber and the dying starts and they see the only way to get back on track is to use that chamber as a whatever it takes and the actors see that and run over on agents and people that paid them and put them up to it and the pecking orders change. To me it’s only a thought. The red ants and the black ants already ate all the white ants and they been eating themselves and the snake sees its own tail and the back ups start backing up. My most and best was worse than a perfect zero backwards into deeper than nothing yelling back at history’s circles rolling death wish to time’s play actors. Bottom line is anyone who sins against ATWA must pay it back or get on trains to the death camps or Russian Front.



Quotes from Red –

How can the social system be improved? It’s a crime to smoke marijuana, a plant, but poisoning millions of people through toxic wastes is business as usual. How much will you give for the lives of your children’s children, which is your self. How much are people willing to give up for air, earth, water, animals, and the coming generations? I think the answer to that is pretty clear.

Almost everything you eat or drink has water in it. No matter where it’s from, most of it’s polluted. Most of it’s got a lot of chemicals that we have to stop producing, It’s a simple thing. We don’t transfer it. We don’t move the poisons somewhere else. We stop producing them. We use our brains.

I want clean water. I want water I could take a newborn baby down to and… you’re not interested in air and water and you’re gonna need it! And as it disappears from the earth, if you don’t do anything about it… if you do not participate in doing whatever you can to protect your mother, your nurturer that keeps you alive, you don’t get life.

Rattlesnakes eat the animals that reproduce in quantity. They all have a purpose, so we need them. Since we don’t know or understand the overall purpose of so many animals, it’s to our advantage to let them enlighten us. Snakes serve to keep people from being unaware oafs (ln the wild). If not for the need to look out for dangers around us we’d all be blundering plundering pigs. If animals didn’t have a survival instinct, many more would be food to a few who’d get fat, flounder and die. End of story. Finito. No more life. Women holler and bitch to the contrary but we all live in a matriarchy and have for many many years. Women’s needs have been the reason for work, war, religion and death. When in balance with the needs of the soul or patriarch (father, God, spirit, universe) this works well because the women’s role has always been to make sure the young survive. When out of balance it destroys life.



Quotes from Blue –

I used to say to environmentalists: Studying the problems doesn’t do anything. They must be dealt with concretely, efficiently, and now. At least make some effort in real, beyond money, approval, marches, etc. I say if we don’t get together and war on pollution, we all perish. War for life.

Women are especially responsible because woman is the earth. It’s her nature and job to take care of the earth. Women have been raising and holding children with fears and insecurities to go for the paychecks, to uphold the present way of life. Women fear real change and reflect their fear upon the children, and it’s her fear that holds down positive change. The USA is living in a matriarchy centered in fear and money, not earth and survival and life on earth is dying because of it. Males for the most part are reflections of their mothers’ and other women’s fears.

In millions of people the will to live is dim. They want out of the hell they created, live in, and perpetuate. If you can redeem your own mind and soul out from all your conditioning and cultural brainwash and be what Manson calls “reborn”, then you’ll see clearly the need to redeem ATWA now.

The mass of people are sheep and move whichever way the money or the biggest fear tells them to move. When air and water get bad enough people will do as they are told. It doesn’t matter what people think. It’s what is. Do you want to live? Then fix your air and water. Save your trees and wildlife. Those who war upon any part of nature are warring upon themselves and their children.

The people who want life on earth are with Manson in the will of life and are working beyond money and ego trips. For one God, one world, one court, one government, one mind.



An interview with Charles Manson, Lynette Fromme, and Sandra Good

Can you tell those who don’t otherwise know about ATWA it’s goals, outlooks and purposes.

CM: Survival.

SG: ATWA stands for Air, Trees. Water, Animals. It’s also for All The Way Alive. ATWA is your survival on earth. You are either working for ATWA – life – or you’re working for death. Fix it and live or run from it and die. As Manson woke up, he brought everyone at the ranch into the thought of one world, one mind, one peace on earth. He wrote, “I won’t sell my Soul 4 it’s for ATWA. That’s the only way life on earth can be alive. The will of God is life. Get in God’s will or die. Die can be done in the mind’s thought pattern and new life can be brought in focus.”

LF: ATWA means whatever is necessary to sustain the natural balance of air, trees, water, and animals for the whole planet (and therefore the people who can live within that balance). Most individuals have always thought themselves not big enough or significant enough to have an effect on the whole planet, a notion which conversely made them think they could afford big arrogance and big greed over its resources. Some people now know how seriously and negatively the mass of people already have affected the planet, and that in order to live and die with any respect for ourselves we’ll need to think simply enough to see the big picture, to order and accept the order of whatever is necessary for its survival. Each person must work literally for his or her own life. While this would not always be easy, it would always he meaningful, worthwhile, satisfying, spiritual, and leading to the peace of knowing LIFE before you die.

Are you familiar with, or in contact with the more radical environmental groups – Earth First!, Sea Shepherds, ALF, etc?

CM: We started the root thoughts for most or a lot.

LF: We aren’t part of a group. We’re related to air, trees, water, and animals. Groups I’ve seen perpetuate the paperwork to sustain themselves. “Environmental groups” get a name, a following, and, if they’re not mean enough, a lot of politically, racially, and sexually motivated people take over their forums. The word “environment” itself has a technical sound implying some place out there away from where we are. Point blank: you can live about seven to ten minutes without air, about seven to ten days without water, about seven to ten weeks without food. Trees and vegetation make air. Animals – the entire spectrum of creatures commonly called ‘animals ‘- fertilize, aerate, pollinate, clean, and give land and water its vitality and health.

How does ATWA perceive a change coming?

CM: Do or die.

SG: Get out of the Hollywood-media brainwash. Get back to the ground. Do what you can to get Manson his rights in a court of law. He was denied his constitutional right to defend himself. As his rights were taken, so will your rights be taken. The truth has been covered up to the loss of earth and all who want to live. Rise above woman’s fear and confusion. Recognize your brother/soul self.

LF: Through all its perceivers.

A mutual acquaintance who works for the military was commenting that ATWA felt great change would come via that avenue. Is this correct? If so, how?

CM: Center of all law is life and must be survival. Law and all order starts from life – one life to live or all life will do its end on Earth. People get one new thought from us and run with it, distort, twist it and $. Computer read outs.

SG: Yes, historically the military represents on some levels the highest development of the human mind. The US military comes from my ancestors’ mind. I am descended from John Paul Jones, the father of the US Navy. I grew up in a Navy town. Manson was born on Veteran’s Day, November l l, 1934. His grandfather served In World War One, his dad in World War Two. Manson has done more than 47 years in reformatories, jails, and prisons which were staffed mostly by ex-servicemen. CM has said, “I live in the uniform. I’ve lived there all my life.” Another time he said. “I believe my brother is a veteran, that he fought for me, he gave me his life, and I think the graveyards are full of my brothers.”
There is a chain of command in the military that is based on motions and truth, honor and loyalty. Men in uniform understand the brotherhood whereas in civilian life today honor and loyalty seem to be extinct. The main reason for the killings in 1969 was for love of brother, to get a brother out of jail. Lynette Fromme has served 20 years because of her efforts to get Manson a trial with rights and to call attention to the fact that the country is out of order and that ATWA is dying. I served ten years in federal prison for similar reasons. As a woman I can’t really answer this question adequately, but I do know first hand something of loyalty, honor, and sacrifice.
There is much wrong with the military today, starting with the chain of command all the way to the top. The bureaucrats and military are two different things. If you had a king the military could work better. You’re looking at a bad military because you’re looking at a bad bunch of sneaky politicians who are selling the military. They have been selling the country. But when you get a king you can’t sell the country because if you’re selling the country you’re selling the king. The king is the mind, the king is the life. If you beat the king you beat yourself because you are the king. Each man is his own king. Put all your kings together in one symbolic king and then you have to do whatever that one says. If you don’t do what that one says you’re going to lose it all. Falling back to the bureaucratical system we have won’t get it. Democracy ain’t shit. Everyone says it’s working because the people who are rich are telling them to say that. It’s been falling down for years. They’ve been selling it, but that doesn’t change the military because the military is nothing but procedure. The military is NOW. It runs on now, on orders, and these orders should be in the will of god and not held in civilian courts which are a bunch of political B. S.
You figure that the President of the United States stands the uniform up to attention, the King of England stands all the English soldiers up to attention – other leaders do the same. Then you imagine Manson is ten times that in real authority, in experience and truth and will for life. When people get to that their heads can’t deal with it and it’s too heavy. In short, we get Manson his rights, we allow him his authority,and we win the war on pollution or we will all perish. The US military has the potential to win any war as long as its chain of command is intact and in the truth.

LF: The change logically becomes military because military powers are meant to be used for the preservation and defense of a homeland. The homeland now is the whole planet. Individual groups — again political, racial and sexual — would argue forever and die without clean water and air, life and death would continue to become a tightening noose of selfish concerns choking off any comfort, peace, and quality that technology may have offered. Without quality of humanity, the rest is a scrap heap.

It seems as though many people are sympathetic with ATWA. Do you think our days are reflectivc of the late 60’s? Lots of interest, a small amount of real action, followed by an apathetic transgression into a blind form of acceptance?

CM: FUCK people they are the problem.

SG: The movements of the late 60’s/early 70’s were in a large part people selling “revolution”, “peace”, and “love”. The for real people were what the media tagged as “The Manson Family”. That’s why the people who fake for money have for 27 years been covering us up with lies and distortions. A lot of people sell anything they can, including concern for life on earth. Part of my 15 year sentence was for telling all the environmental groups “Quit faking!”. We gave our lives for brother and for ATWA and after all these years none of those groups saw or responded. They can’t see our real because they are fakes. They play all that, “It’s wrong to kill or go to war to save your own life on earth.” I’d say: This is a war on pollution, on the problems, a war for life.
People can say that the “enemy” is all that is in the human psyche that sets it against itself — self destructiveness: that which moves one to defeat one’s self, one’s life on earth, one’s peace, one’s love, one’s joy in the experience of living, one’s soul, one’s creativity, one’s children, family, kin, and kind. Millions of trees are cut to print more and more books analyzing the human condition and how to deal with the worldwide breakdown of order, health and sanity. More cups, posters and shirts are sold showing what has and is becoming extinct. You can name the human condition however you will — alienated, wrongly conditioned, inherently good or evil, in need of… etc. There are countless people to tell us what is wrong and to sell us their physical, metaphysical, or spiritual cures. You can attempt to stave off the creeping poisoning of one’s own body. Air and water are life. If your air and water are full of the emissions of millions of cars and factories, your life is poisoned. So you can try all kinds of things to stave off the nightmare that each knows in his soul is growing worse each day — a world with no order, no leadership, no trees, 100’s of millions of cars, brown, smelly skies, and frenzied two-legged creatures mindlessly ravaging the earth till there’s nothing left.
Only the walking dead can be blindly accepting of what’s happening in the world today. Starving Third Worlders who move to First World countries aren’t apathetic of the fact that the quality of life where they came from has been rendered no good. The impact of immigration, added to the damage already ongoing, will mean a growing man-made hell. And the end of life on earth.

LF: Because people need reassurance from other people, people fail. Doubt and fear destroy the best instincts. Anything done with ATWA in mind needs no reassurance. But to keep from having everyone running helter skelter, there is natural leadership. Natural order is not up for debate. It exists independent of our thinking and is as physical a reality as gravity.

It seems as though CM is reappearing in the public again quite a bit recently. Could this gain support for ATWA if put out where everyone can see it (or maybe they don’t want to see it)?

SG: If people can’t see by now that their own lives on earth are dying each day in the air and water, in the trees and in the wildlife, then they are truly the walking dead and nothing will wake them up. Let the dead bury the dead. The mass of people are sheep and move whichever way the money or the biggest fear tells them to move. When air and water get bad enough people will do as they are told. It doesn’t matter what people think. It’s what is. Do you want to live? Then fix your air and water. Save your trees and wildlife. Those who war upon any part of nature are warring upon themselves and their children. ATWA is ATWAR with pollution. ATWA is a revolution against pollution. ATWA is a holy war.

LF: Manson is new thought, old soul, and still right.

What is ATWA’s view on the population explosion? What can be done to stop the weeds?

CM: Survive at all cost. When it comes to the dead heads there is no game no slack, not an act: real or death will be a reality.

SG: It is impossible for the natural resources of the planet to sustain the burgeoning human population. Even if lifestyles were to change worldwide to have minimal impact on ATWA the sheer numbers cannot be supported. What can be done to stop the weeds? Chemical spraying, widespread and intensive, has been going on for decades. I was in federal prison for ten years because I warned of the consequences of such pervasive poisoning. I warned that cancers and all kinds of social breakdown would be epidemic as a result of pollution. So you see, peoples’ own death wishes are taking care of some of the population problem. However, laws in accord with need for survival will have to be made and enforced. Such laws will not be forthcoming from the ball-less money minds that call themselves public servants. The destruction of ATWA and over- population are world problems and must he dealt with on a world level in a world court.

LF: Many animals, by God, reproduce and care for what the food and water supply will support. If they can do it we can do it.